A   C A M P A I G N   T O   S U P P O R T   

O U R   D I S T R I C T’ S   Y O U T H

Our Mission: Use entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from

under-resourced communities and propel them to high-school, college and career success.

Your support can help in the following ways:


Purchases prototyping supplies for 5 student business


Covers the SAT/ACT fees for two BUILD students


Sends four students to overnight Launch Camp in the summer


Provides training for 30 mentors to coach and support BUILD students


Provides seed funding to launch three new student businesses


Provides academic tutors to help 40 students improve their grades

Keep in Touch

BUILD is a 501(c)(3) organization | Federal Tax ID:  94-3386695 | CFC: 27499 | United Way: 8620

202.506.6623   BuildDCinfo[at]build.org   www.BUILDinDC.org